Bengal Handloom Sarees - A Tradition That Bears Magnificence

India is a country of true dynamic colours and vibrancy. The amazing mix of cultures and traditions since time immemorial has resulted in an amazing amazing mixture of crafts in any form including the sarees. These crafts have redefined every nook and corner of India one of them is is is the traditional handloom saree that is found in the samas of West Bengal and is typically stitched with the hands of the handloom artists. it goes without saying that Bengal is the epicentre of all kinds of artistry and craft. And, the beautiful drapes or sarees that are produced in this state are popular in and around the globe.

One such mesmerizing time is the Bengal handloom saree or typically known as the Tant saree. It is a traditional Bengali saree that is made by weavers from almost all of Bangladesh and West Bengal especially in places like Narayanganj, Dhaka and Tangail of Bangladesh and Hooghly, Nadiya and Murshidabad of West Bengal. the sarees are typically extremely affordable and extremely light to be used as daily wear. The distinctive feature that distinguishes this cotton saree from the others is its transparency and lightweight. The southern Asian climate is extremely humid and hot, and hence, the sarees are typically quite comfortable and good to wear in such a climate.

 Another kind of saree that is also a popular kind of Bengal handloom saree is the Baluchi. These sarees specially featured the Indian mythological seems beautifully crafted on the body of the saree. Most of the search seen can be seen at the temples of Bishnupur. This saree is originated in the district of Bankura Bishnupur of West Bengal. Elaborate stories are generally sketched on the pallu and borders which consists of designs including royal court scenes animals and flowers. The most popular colours of these sarees are either yellow, white, green or red. 

Kantha sarees are also extremely popular in terms of the crafts of handlooms of Bengal. the word itself originated from two meanings one being rag and the other meaning something that has been embroidered using the discarded garments. These close also depict the features of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata and are generally worn by the rural housewives of West Bengal. Kanthas are also kinds of quilts that are created by the ladies of the house for using them daily by every other member. 

So, it can easily be said that the cottage industry of Bengal is extremely flushing all it needs is the right direction and it can cover amazing distances.

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