Bengali Sarees – Traditional Way of Beautifying Modern Women

Bengali women are said to be the most beautiful in the world. Do you know why? It is because they have physical beauty as well as grace, style, elegance and class. Fashion and clothing style of Bengali culture make it rich. Bengal is known for its artistic elegant designs in clothes, fine fabrics and unique textiles. Bengali sarees are the epitome of fashion and style and they have a distinct mark.

Bengali sarees are of varied types, each having its own distinctive pattern, feature, charm and beauty. There are multiple choices of these sarees like –

  • Baluchari
  • Taant
  • Silk
  • Handloom
  • Jamdani
  • Korial
  • Tussar
  • Garad

Wardrobe of Bengali women is never complete without any of these varieties of sarees. When compared to other sarees, Bengali sarees have a distinct place. They have a stylish cool look, no matter which kind of saree you drape.

Different Varieties of Sarees that Find Place in a Women’s Wardrobe

  • Garad Silk

Garad, also called Gorod, means “white”. These silk sarees have a distinguishing border of mostly red or maroon color, which gives it the rich look. Silk fabrics of these sarees are not dyed and so, they have the purity of fabric. Murshidabad specializes in producing Gorod sarees. White color of Garad symbolizes purity and hence, women usually wear this saree in religious ceremonies or special occasions.

  • Molmol Cotton

It is a variety of cotton sarees which is very fine, soft, light weight and has high drapability. They come in a wide range of color, design and contrasting look. Women, who regularly wear saree, choose molmol as they are very comfortable and suitable for daily usage.

  • Bengal Handloom

As you can understand from the name of the saree itself, these sarees are hand-woven by people. Weavers use looms for producing different patterns. In modern times, you can also find handloom silk apart from cotton variety. This traditional method of weaving saree showcases a magic and texture that is loved by all women. Khes is also a variety of hand-woven Bengali sarees. Handloom sarees are available in different assortment like Baluchari, Taant, and Designer Silk and so on.

  • Khadi

Khadi is a light fabric saree that has huge versatility and is very comfortable to wear. There is Khadi silk as well as cotton fabric. These sarees come in huge array of colors and have a luxurious appearance.

So, now, whenever you wish to buy Bengali saree, it is better to know some varieties of it. It will make your purchase easy.

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