The True Essence of a Bengali Wedding

A Bengali wedding is extremely beautiful. The variety of rituals followed in the traditional wedding, makes it look extremely colourful, unique, vibrant and exotic. This flavour of this day is what sets it apart from the rest of the country.



The rituals begin by sprinkling trefoil plant and rice husk on the head of the Bride, thereby considering it extremely pious and auspicious. This is a pre-wedding ritual where gifts are exchanged between the couple's family that also includes gold jewellery. However, these days many couple exchange rings and perform a full-fledged engagement ceremony before commencing with the wedding.



The Haldi ceremony, which is most commonly also known as the Gaaye Holud ceremony in a Bengali Hindu marriage. In this ritual, seven married women of the family, or otherwise, are allowed to grind the turmeric themselves into a paste mixed with mustard Oil. they then apply it to the groom, and thereby the same on the bride. This ceremony generally takes place a day ahead of the actual wedding ceremony.



On the day of the wedding, seven married women will be making the bride wear red and white bangles, also known as Sankha Pola, and feed her with curd rice. This is, however, the only meal that the bride is supposed to be eating before her nuptials, later the day. Although, fasting the entire day is something that many brides avoid doing these days, and they survive on small intakes of sweets and fruits.


This is perhaps one of the most interesting and unique elements of the entire Bengali wedding. Here, the bride is made to be seated on the wooden plank, also known as the Pidi, and is lifted by her brothers to be taken and spun around the groom for seven times.



After the completion of the saat paak, it is time for Shubho Drishti, when the bride would remove the betel leaves used to hide her face and looks at the groom. This act is culatively known as the shubho drishti, where the bride and the groom are allowed to exchange a loving glance with each other publicly. This would also mark the societal acceptance of their unison!!

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