Tips for Wearing Bengali and Gujarati Bridal Style Sarees

Sarees are definitely some of the sexiest outfits that women can wear when they want to express their feminine allure and elegance. If you are planning on looking your very best in any social gathering, you should certainly wear a saree as it can blend perfectly with your personal sense of style. However, it is important to note that the saree should be draped properly in order to achieve the best effect. Draping the saree is really an art that you need to master. Whether you want to attend a wedding or any other event, a well draped saree can help you to get all the attention you want.

The various parts of India have got their own styles and looks of sarees and this is truly reflective of the cultural diversity of our country. This has also led to the evolution of different methods of draping a saree. Every state in India has their own characteristic style of draping the saree. This definitely makes it interesting for any woman looking to experiment with her looks. The various draping styles can lead to different kinds of looks that can be created with this garment.

Let’s have a look at some of the methods in which a wedding style saree can be draped. Such styles are followed in different parts of India.

Bengali Wedding Saree:

Bengal has always been known for their rich cultural heritage as well as the fine artistic sensibilities that are expressed in art and fashion. Bengali women are some of the most beautiful in all of India and they are known for their beautiful eyes and striking features. They also look gorgeous when they dress up as brides in the choicest sarees. The style used for draping a saree in Bengal is quite unique and it can definitely make women in this part of India look really beautiful. So let’s examine the draping style that is typically followed in Bengal.    

Step by step description of the wedding saree draping method followed in Bengal.

  • Firstly, put on the blouse and petticoat.
  • Wrap the saree just around the waist starting from left and moving to the right.
  • Pleat your saree and then tuck it around the middle of waist.
  • Now take the rest of the saree and work on the pleats right along the pallu’s breadth.
  • Put the folded pleats around the left shoulder.
  • Use the tip of pallu and bring it to the front under your right hand.
  • Create a knot at the tip and then throw that over the right shoulder.

You can also beautify your looks with some ethnic jewellery and a red bindi. Finally, nothing works best like a radiant smile and confidence and so work on your personal charm to look great on this special day of your life.

Gujarati Wedding Saree:

The people in the State of Gujarat have always been known for their vibrant and colorful personality and this is best expressed in their choice of clothing. The draping style of a Gujarati wedding saree is quite different from what is normally practiced in Bengal or any other part of India. Even though the Gujarati style saree is worn by women in many other parts of India, its uniqueness cannot be denied by any means.  

Traditionally the saree is normally draped in clockwise direction while having the pallu behind. However, the Gujarati draping style is performed in an anti-clockwise direction. In this style, the pallu comes in front and it covers the bodice with the pleats. All wedding sarees that have heavily embellished pallus can be conveniently draped in the Gujarati style.

Here are the directions that you need to follow when you want to drape a saree in traditional Gujarati style.

  • Put on the blouse and petticoat and make sure that you have your safety pins in your hand.
  • Tuck the saree properly inside the petticoat starting from the right side to the left while making sure that its non-pallu end gets tucked in.
  • Once you have tucked a complete round, create pleats along the length of the saree so that you can tuck them inside your petticoat while facing towards the right side.
  • Now pick your saree’s other end to make the pleats on the pallu.
  • You need to bring the pleated pallu section from behind right over the right shoulder so that it falls on front right side.
  • Pin up your saree’s pallu to the blouse around the right shoulder.
  • Pick your pallu’s left corner, spread it and then pin it just inside the waist on left corner.

You can further enhance this amazing look with some beautiful earrings and a maang tika. As always, make sure that you carry yourself with confidence. 

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